2020 Stormwater Maintenance Agreement Inspection

We're trying something new! You can now complete your annual reporting online. The city requires businesses to inspect their stormwater system annually, and submit a report.

You can continue below or find the old report here https://connects.sumnerwa.gov/4005/widgets/15114/documents/11348

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Page 1 - Contact information to ensure your report is marked as completed. If you completed your inspection on the physical copy, you can also upload it on this page. If not continue you can fill it out on page 3. Page 2 - Photo's and information on the storm structures your site could have. Page 3 - Check the structures your site has, and a list of possible issues will appear for that structure. Mark whether the issue is present and needs maintenance or not. Page 4 - Read through the required source control actions and mark whether they're being done, you'd like a site visit to check or improve them, or nothing is being done.

Map of Agreement #'s: https://drive.google.com/open?id=151lTI8djQY_mTPQCVGjN_HRbE78&usp=sharing
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