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Check this page for updates on rumors, chatter heard about town to get the facts and real scoop straight from the source.

Check this page for updates on rumors, chatter heard about town to get the facts and real scoop straight from the source.


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Full DIsclosure: Questions asked by "City of Sumner" are ones we're receiving a lot of in other forums (email, phone calls) so have added ourselves.

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  • People regularly ignore the rpz zone sign in front of my house parking there sometimes for days without displaying a pass but it doesn't appear anyone enforces these zones anyways; at least I never see anyone checking. What is the proper procedure if any for reporting rpz zone violations(email, phone, or online form)?

    Davidjs asked about 2 months ago

    Oh no - thanks for asking! The best is to call dispatch on the non-emergency line at (253) 287-4455 and give them all the details. Our Community Services Officer tries to spot things herself, but being one person doing code and parking enforcement means there's only so much she can catch. Sometimes, we all have to help and give a call. I hope all goes well for you! 

  • I heard that Sound Transit is adding a bus route on Sumner’s Wood Avenue; is that true?

    CityofSumner asked 2 months ago

    No. Sound Transit is not putting a bus route on Wood Avenue. They actually invested a lot of money to help us improve the Traffic Avenue interchange, so that is the one that Route 578 (Puyallup/Auburn) and 596 (Bonney Lake Park & Ride) will continue to use. We’re not sure where this rumor originated. Sometimes, if the freeway is really backed up, beyond normal congestion, buses will use alternate routes to try to stay close to on time. Perhaps someone spotted a bus on detour using Wood? But it won’t be an ongoing occurrence.

  • Hi! What’s the scoop on schedule / plans for the development on the old red apple lot across from the city building? Is it still planned for mixed use residential over commercial, and adequate Tenant parking below? Thanks!

    Funtimesinsumner asked 4 months ago

    Yes, it is! Here are the renderings, which tell you more than I can. They are actually overbuilding the underground parking, meaning they're building more spaces than required by code, which is music to our ears. 

  • Why is the Bill Heath Sports Complex Baseball field closed and locked? The city website says "The baseball field is once again open for play during non-scheduled league games or practices. Enjoy!" Last week I confirmed with a community manager that I could use it for recreational league practice, and even tried to schedule it. I have not heard back after several voicemails. It is frustrating that only a couple years ago, there were 4 Sumner baseball/softball fields open to the public, and now there are 0.

    brismy asked 4 months ago

    Derek Barry, our Community Services Manager, spoke to someone a week or two ago, so apologies if that's you and this is a repeat. We currently don’t have a group managing the schedule for the field as we did in the past. The challenge for us is that to reserve the field for anyone, we have to follow up on some insurance requirements, so it's not just watching a calendar. Sumner High School has first priority for use and their schedule changes according to the weather (games get rescheduled/delayed etc). We lock the field when its prepped and ready for their use as we don't have the staff to keep prepping it over and over. We were hoping we could still unlock it other times for your use, but until we get a scheduler in place, that's just not going to work during the school's baseball season. We're going to leave it locked until they're done and update the website accordingly. 

  • When the Puyallup waterline project is completed on Wood St., is there a road repave in the works? Surely the current asphalt repairs will not last on a roadway that carries so much traffic to and from the warehouse district and the East Valley Highway!

    JCNarlock asked 4 months ago

    Wouldn't it be fun to joke with our neighbors, like "Is that what passes for a road in Puyallup??" Just kidding. What you see right now on Wood Avenue from the Puyallup Water Main project is just a temporary patch. The project will grind and overlay new asphalt on the west lane of Wood. That work is expected to start in about 3 weeks or so (and, fair warning, will cause more traffic impacts).

  • When will Sumner realize the need for PUBLIC TRANSIT like Pierce Transit service to the Warehouse area from the Sounder Platform . Many people do not have a way to and from work from the station and its a very long walk !!!

    lamtajay asked 5 months ago

    Update: The latest meeting to talk about a lot of issues for businesses in Sumner, especially transit options, is March 23 10-11 am as a webinar. More info and to register:

    We had Pierce Transit public transit service from the Sounder platform to the manufacturing industrial center. No one rode it, so Pierce Transit eliminated the route. Fixed-route service is very difficult to succeed there because every business runs different shifts all through the day and night. Understandably, Pierce Transit isn't going to put all their limited resources to serve one area, and unless there's full, robust service, employees aren't going to wait around 1, 2 or 3 hours to ride limited service when they can walk it faster. 

    It appears Pierce Transit's vanpool program may be just the answer to provide a real solution with enough flexibility to work. The City of Sumner and the Economic Development Board (EDB) joined forces with Pierce Transit to host an event on February 7 to highlight this program and how it could work for our industrial businesses. But, again, no one attended. Not one. We're regrouping and going to try again later in March. 

    Stay tuned and watch for that event. Please encourage your friends and employer to show up. It seems like some creative solutions may finally solve issues we've struggled with for years, but it's going to take everyone participating--including employees and employers--for any option to actually succeed.

  • Why has the skate park at Daffodil been locked up for so long? It’s frustrating for our kids because they need a safe place to go and play outside. Is there a timeline when it will reopen?

    csunshn asked 6 months ago

    It's frustrating for us too. A few weeks ago, we had to close it over the weekend because we noticed normal wear and tear that needed repairs before skaters could use it safely. It was the end of the week, so we didn't have time to repair it until the following week. In the intervening weekend, vandals decided to make the problems much worse, and further damaged the park. We are working to repair it, fitting it into the already long list of things that need to be done around the city, but the repairs can't all be done in-house. If you've tried to schedule a contractor or repair person lately, you know how in demand they are. It's the same for a city. We really want to offer kids and adults a safe place to go play outside as well, and we realize the vandals are likely not the same people wanting to enjoy the park correctly. But, the fact remains that when damage makes it unsafe to skaters, we can't open it. Again, it's really frustrating.

  • If I sign a petition to change city zoning so that gas stations can’t be within 500 feet of residential areas, would that change the 7Eleven coming to Valley & Main?

    CityofSumner asked 7 months ago

    No, it would not change that project. The City Council can consider and vote to change zoning laws at any time. However, any zoning code changes do not affect existing businesses nor projects that have already submitted their applications as the 7Eleven project has done. The project requires a conditional use permit, which involves an extensive public process to help shape the project and mitigate concerns about things like environmental safety, traffic flow and building design. We are well into the permit process, yet there will still be a couple more times in which the public can make comments. In addition, the City and other agencies such as Puget Sound Clean Air, Department of Ecology, review any development application for all kinds of safety as part of the process. For example, one of the requirements of this project will be to clean-up the environmental contamination on the site from an old underground storage tank. To the original point, though, while all of this is a process still ongoing, the bottom line is the project is vested, and development is likely to continue with conditions, irrespective of any future zoning code amendments.

  • Why did the City of Sumner stop participating in the Joint Recreation Program?

    CityofSumner asked 7 months ago

    We were quite happy with the original partnership that had been in place since 1991 with the City of Bonney Lake and the Sumner Bonney Lake School District. In 2015, we learned that the District no longer wanted to be lead administrator. At that point, we began assessing the program. 

    We expressed significant concerns to both partners about a number of factors including

    • Staffing– at that time, the program hired approximately 100 people, which would have doubled our staffing overnight. Staff associated with the program are required to be properly vetted for criminal convictions, adding to the complexities of staff hiring and management. 
    • Costs—we were given limited financial data of “hard” costs and estimated that “soft” costs such as impact to HR, payroll, technology, would cost approximately $400,000 per year from the City’s General Fund, which likely would not have been offset by program revenue. 
    • Suitability—as we assessed the current program at the time, it was 55% before- and after-school care. We had concerns about a city’s ability to offer childcare as well as a school. 

    We asked for more information about the future of the program under the administration of City of Bonney Lake to share with our Council and were informed that there would be no changes. We suggested exploring alternate options to increase service while alleviating cost impacts—perhaps other potential partners such as the YMCA, City of Puyallup, etc., but the other partners were not interested in this option. Thus, at the time, the City chose not to enter into the new interlocal agreement. 

    Recreation is important to our community as are partnerships. The City of Sumner enjoys great partnerships with the City of Bonney Lake and the Sumner Bonney Lake School District for programs like School Resource Officer, Municipal Court, Animal Control, and the Sumner Bonney Lake Family Center. However, we are also stewards of the public’s tax dollars and safety and do not enter into agreements lightly without the full facts and details. 

     For more information, please read the full Staff Report drafted in 2017 with a lot of care and analysis. It is long, but it is thorough. Please keep in mind that these were the conditions of the program in 2017 and may not accurately reflect the program as it is currently offered by the City of Bonney Lake.


  • What is entailed regarding the upcoming City of Puyallup Water Main Replacement project here in Sumner at the beginning of the year?

    JCNarlock asked 7 months ago

    It's starting soon and will affect certain roads, including Wood Avenue - see the map below. They expect work to last until May 1. Our inspector working on this is Monty Brandt. You can reach him at You can also contact the Project Manager for this over at City of Puyallup: Drew Young at At this point, Drew probably knows more details than we do. 

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