Does the city get regional funding to provide parking?

    No, we do not. Sound Transit has assisted in funding projects like Traffic Avenue, bike lanes on Academy Street, pedestrian improvements and potentially a pedestrian bridge from Rivergrove area, but the City does not receive any funding from and is under no obligation to provide commuter parking.

    Why do you make it so hard for commuters?

    RPZs are not about keeping commuters out but about protecting streets for existing residents and businesses. If we could provide more parking without harming others, we would. That’s the point of the forum and survey on this page—please share your ideas. 

    What is the City doing to increase parking during the Sound Transit garage construction?

    We are working with Sound Transit to identify alternate parking or access solutions during the garage construction.  Our hope is that any alternate solutions identified continue even after the new garage opens.  Alternate access (transit) is something that the City will continue to explore with Sound Transit. Pierce Transit and our neighboring cities.

    Why do you want to open up my street?

    Just a reminder: street parking is not the property of adjacent land owners. Yes, your tax dollars support our streets, but all of Sumner’s tax dollars support our streets.

    What about large lots like churches that go fairly unused during the weekday?

    We’d love to see some more use of large lots at all hours, but that’s up to the churches and lot owners.  Our current code does not allow for private entities (including churches) to charge for parking.

    Why did the City’s parking lots (Red Apple and Midtown Station) go away?

    We were happy to provide them while we had them, but that’s ended. Both properties are going under private ownership for redevelopment.