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Check this page for updates on rumors, chatter heard about town to get the facts and real scoop straight from the source.

Check this page for updates on rumors, chatter heard about town to get the facts and real scoop straight from the source.

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  • Parker could use some road work. It's broken up and rough. And a new large housing development is being built without any road or other improvements to the infrastructure. Isn't there usually an agreement of some sort worked out in negotiations between a developer and a planning department to defray the effect of all of the traffic that will be created along with the added wear and tear on the roads? asked about 2 months ago

    Yes, absolutely developers have to help with the roadways they impact. Parker Road is a classic example--as developments came in, portions of the road got redone by the developer, but then there's the in-between parts. If you send me more info about the actual section you're referencing, I can get you more details from Public Works about that particular stretch. In the meantime, if the housing development you mentioned is Filbert Acres, they do have some work on Parker and are redoing both sides with sidewalk, curb and gutter plus the roadway in between on 160th. Hope that helps!

  • Please improve Loyalty Park for our young kids and toddlers. It needs more swings and a "rubber-based" safety ground base to protect kids from falls. The sawdust & beauty-bark ground cover is a safety issue... I have seen numerous incidents where kids are trying to wipe wood splinters from their hands and eyes... How much money does the city pay for the Senior Center??? Is this park safety oversight related to budget decisions or lack of awareness???

    jak_raft asked about 2 months ago

    Actually, that's neither sawdust nor beauty bark. Under the Loyalty Park playground are screened engineered wood fibers that were just replaced this past July. It's specially engineered to not cause splinters. It is one of the surfaces under equipment recommended by the National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI). All our Parks staff are NPSI certified and keep their certification current. NPSI conducts tests on falls and provides strict guidelines for equipment and surfaces that we follow. If you'd like more information about that, let us know, and we'll connect you to our Parks Supervisor to explain further.

    The rubber-based padding under equipment, like we have in Rainier View, is also an option under NPSI. We agree it's wonderful, but it's also far more expensive. We'd love to have the funding to do that plus all the other projects in our parks that the public asked us to do through our Parks & Trail Plan

  • What's going on with Forest Canyon road? The sign is still up that it's closed? Is it?

    nonni1957 asked 3 months ago

    Yes, just checked with Jeff Kidston, the project manager at Pierce County. They're running into a few challenges, so they extended the road closure permit to September 17, but they're trying really hard to get it open by the time school starts if they can. I realize that's probably not what you wanted to hear, but it's the latest news. If you have questions, you can contact Jeff directly at 253-798-2106 or

  • We went to play tennis last night on the courts behind Daffodil Elementary last night, but the lights never came on. Do they only come on sometimes? Or was there something we needed to do to turn them on? Thanks

    Emmaline.q asked 3 months ago

    Believe it or not: the courts actually straddle land owned by the City and by the Sumner Bonney Lake School District. The lights are on their meter and management. They used to be on a motion sensor that would activate the lights up until 10 pm. Last we checked, that was no longer the case, which is consistent with your experience last night. It would be nice to go back to that system, but we don't know the District's future plans and respect that's their decision to make. If we hear anything else, we'll let you know. (If you hear anything else, let us know!) 

  • . There are plants in the divider at Main & 160 that make it hard to see oncoming traffic coming around the corner from Main in a low vehicle. I turned on 160th the other night and had a hard time seeing oncoming traffic from Main in my Altima. They block your vision when up to stop line. This is a accident waiting to happen.What can be done?

    chuck16023 asked 4 months ago

    Actually, Shops got your email at 8 this morning and had it cleaned up by 2 pm this afternoon!

  • I was reading on this site that Sumner opted out of the regional transportation authority because of the discontinuation of bus service. If this is the case then how come we are still paying rta tax on our property taxes and license plates?

    Wakejumpen asked 4 months ago

    Great question because it is very confusing. There are two different transit agencies. Pierce Transit offers local transit while Sound Transit is the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). Sumner remains within the Sound Transit district with Sounder Trains, the 578 bus and the Bonney Lake Shuttle all serving our community.  That is funded through property taxes and license plates. Pierce Transit was our local transit agency that had a bus running through town and Shuttle service for disabled. When they cut that local service back to only to a bus to/from Puyallup to the station and Shuttle service to about 25% of our city, we pulled out of the Pierce Transit district. Pierce Transit is primarily funded by sales tax, so our sales tax rate went down 0.3% when we pulled out, and that's why we still have a lower sales tax rate than neighboring Puyallup. Does that help?